Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Journey

Hi! My name is Vanessa and I'm a military wife to the most amazing soldier! I'm also a mom of a crazy 4 year old boy and a very curious 15 month old girl.

I met my husband in college and we were inseparable ever since! Well.... that's partially true. You see after college my husband signed up for the Canadian Military. It was a long process for him to finally get accepted but he did!

A year after we got married and a had our first child, he started basic training. He was gone for a whole year while I lived alone with my son. I was lucky to have his family living so close to give me a hand when I needed one.

This is our first posting. Let me tell you how much I really did not enjoy being here! I was alone in a new town, no job and no friends. For the first year I hated my husband for choosing a job that took me away from everyone that I loved. But now being here for almost 4 years there are the good times and the bad.

He's being deployed to Afghanistan 2010 and I'm scared and worried for him. But I support him and the mission 100 percent. A lot of my friends had their husbands gone this year and are back, they might not be going back in 2010 so I'm feeling kind of alone in the process. Yes, they have gone through it but it feels different. I couldn't relate to how they were feeling while their husbands were overseas because I wasn't going through it.

This is my journey through the process of my soldier getting ready for deployment and how I'm coping with the trials of being a military wife and a mom.

Thank you for following me through this time.


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