Monday, February 1, 2010

MOMVERSATION MONDAY: Meal Planning for a Year: Crazy Talk?

Momversation Monday is one I can really relate to! So here it is! Karen Walrond of chookooloonks ask how far in advance do you plan your meals?
FIRST please watch the video, or you will miss some great moments. Alice Bradley of finslippy and I are very much alike. A year? Who does that?  She's right though! I feel bad my house is a case for "Clean Sweep" (OK it's not that bad!), or that I'm not the world's greatest organizer, budgeter, house wife (I know what some people think!). So why add another "F" to my mommy report card?

I've managed to plan a week or two in advance, but a year? That's planning even I, the minister of planning, has never thought to accomplish.

But what if this lady Karen was talking about who is the topic of this Momversation had it right? I mean, she cut her yearly grocery bill in half, putting food on the table for a family of 6. She's not asking the most famous question that everyone has asked in their house" What's for dinner?". She buys in bulk to save money, stockpiles when items  go on sale, sounds good to my wallet!

Could I do it? I don't know....

Here's a challenge: I'm going to menu plan for the month of March post how much it cost me. Join me if you want and let me know what your results are!

What about you? Is menu planning for the year a great idea or is an unattainable goal?


5 witnessing the mayhem:

The Full Nelson said...

I think it's a bit unattainable for my family. Menu planning for a couple of weeks is one thing (and even that I find difficult to do)...but a whole year...jeesh!

MissJody said...

I can't menu plan-

It's just what I want that day..

My Mom does it-
Other Bloggers do it-

I can't..

Kudos to all ya!!!

Alison @ Hospitality Haven said...

I don't think I could do a year, as so much changes from week to week. But I do the weekly planning and that has been a HUGE help to our budget and life. No more stress at dinner time!

Kristen said...

A whole year? Wow. That's gotta be tough. My hubby does a lot of the cooking and he's the type to say "Let's see...I want steak...I'll be right back...". So, it's not practical for us.

The Mrs. said...

I dont so much plan out a detailed menu, i find it too hard to stick to it. so what i do is right down a list of meals, maybe ten or so, and then make sure I have the recipe and everything i need to make it on hand. that way I can just figure out what we feel like that day and go with it.