Thursday, March 4, 2010

Everyone Should Have A Marriage Ref!

I've become a HUGE supporter of the new show The Marriage Ref. Jerry Seinfeld produced the show calling it a "a comedy about situations in reality".

Here's how it goes: Host Tom Papa shows a real life argument between spouses. A panel of celebrity judges put their two cents in about it and they choose a side to the argument. However, Papa is the deciding factor, where he tells the squabbling couple who win the argument.


Here are my reasons:
1. I'm a huge fan of Tom Papa! Love his comedy acts!
2. I love that the arguments go from minor to "how are you still arguing about that?"
3. It's just funny!

Tonight they had on their panel was Tina Fey, Jerry Seinfeld and Eva Longoria. They were great together especially Eva, I just couldn't stopped laughing at her! She was too funny, and real! I now know WAY too much about Eva Longoria.

It's all in good fun!
Would you want a marriage ref?

5 witnessing the mayhem:

nanny23 said...

I watched the show tonight. It's funny and I loved Eva! I didn't she was that funny. Next week the "judges" are Madonna, the British guy who just hosted an awards show and another guy (I forget) but it's a nice change for a TV show!

The Full Nelson said...

I'd be afraid that the panel would favour against my side of the argument!!

Vanessa said...

I think she it was maybe because she set herself up for the Jerry and Tina

Kathryn said...

cute blog! I am a military wife as well! :)

The not so Desperate Housewife said...

omg i love this show and i loved eva longorias blad where comment shes freaking hilarious