Friday, February 26, 2010

Hockey Is My Religion!!

Our Father, who art in GM Place, hockey be thy name.
Thy will be done, GOLD will be WON on ICE as well as IN THE STANDS,

 give us this day, our hockey sticks and forgive us our penalties,
 as we forgive those who cross check against us.

And lead us not into elimination but deliver us to victory,
in the name of the fans, CANADA and the HOLY PUCK.

Congrats to the Canadian Women's AND Men's Hockey Teams for winning GOLD!!


Gone For the Weekend...

That's right! You heard me! Cpl. Mayhem is home!!!

Great things to come on A Military Wife's Mayhem...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where's Auntie Mayhem?

Yesterday there was a mild mishap involving a green bin and my ankle. No worries, I was fine but I decided to elevate my leg and put some ice on it just in case. Once I was done I rolled out my body pillow that I was using to prop my leg up, tossed the blankets and went to bed.

This morning Ducky and Chick both ran to the sofa screaming, "Auntie Mayhem's here!! Auntie Mayhem, Auntie Mayhem!!!!". When they threw the blankets off  the sofa and saw the body pillow, the look of shock and disapointment was astounding!

"HEEEEYYY, where's Auntie Mayhem?"

Auntie Mayhem needs to come back for a visit!!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"The View" Talks To The Cast of Jersey Shore

MTV's Jersey Shore become the most highly rated show on MTV. The show has been a controversial topic even before it aired for it's eight cast members who are fist pumping their way through a summer at a beach house in the Jersey Shore. All are Italian Americans, who some say the show portrays outrageous ethnic stereotypes including the use of the offensive word "guidos". One thing that shocked me was the fact that one of the girls got punched in the face by some random drunk guy! Has this become the new reality TV?

The View had the entire cast on the show to talk about everything from the Jersey Shore mania! From homophobic comments that one of the cast members said and apologized for to the very physical abusive-type behavior between the couple on the show to the obsession to "The Situation's" abs.

The Jersey Shore cast finally stated that they are not representing Italian American but they representing themselves (Oh thank goodness!).  Plus they will be back with a second season. Now these kids are not stupid! They all banded together to get a pay increase for the second season. They knew it was a hit and they withheld until they all were able to get ten thousand dollars per episode for Season two, where they plan on taking over another Shore!

I'm right with Whoppi on this one, I just don't get it!

Tomorrow, The Octomom, Nadya Suleman will be on with the ladies. That will be interesting!

“I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other The View branded items to facilitate my review.”

Monday, February 22, 2010

MOMVERSATION MONDAY: Finances and Friendships

Momversation Monday!!!
Rebecca Woolf of Girl's Gone Child ask if finances affect your friendships.

A topic near and dear to my heart. Finances!
Finances have been a something I've dealt with my entire life. I went to a private school that had their fair share of rich girls who insisted that three hundred dollar jeans were the most important thing in life and if you were caught wearing something that wasn't "in style" or not from certain stores, forget about being friends with them. I do have to say that I learned VALUABLE things from this.

1) Money doesn't make the person.
2) Earning your keep is more rewarding than getting it from your parents credit card.
3) There are many ways to have fun that doesn't cost a fortune.

So that was high school. Now?

Finances and friends are hard to mix. I think we all vent about our finances. I have girlfriends who we discuss finances but not money to be exact. We talk about how to save money, what company is trying to help out the working family. We even are able to talk about pay day, because with the military it's easier to say, "hey did you get your pay today?" or " Did they screw up your pay this time?" But specifics don't get touched.

I think the big problem with finances is the "Keeping up with the Jones'" mentality. Everyone wants the big toys and new houses all that. It's hard not to fall into it.

For myself, I rather spend time with my friends doing the simple things in life, than spending a fortune doing something that will cost me a lifetime to pay for.

At the end of the day, it's the fun times my friends and I spend with each other, not how much we spend.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Let Me Update You On The Past Couple of Weeks...

We've been sick.


Who isn't really? Every blog I've read someone is ill.

Cpl. Mayhem will be home in 5 days! Which will be amazing to have him home.

Speaking of which, as you may have noticed I've been giving you updates on where Cpl. Mayhem is and when he is coming home. I've decided once he leaves for Afghanistan that most of the updates will be posted later, mainly for his safety. Not that I'm giving away top military secrets or anything but I'd rather be safe about it.

Ducky had his 5th birthday party and it was great! The recreational complex that's on base has great birthday parties and I didn't have to lift a finger! It was all set up and everything for me! It was pure bliss!

He had a great time with his friends and he was out cold by the end of the day! Which makes it a perfect day!!

I got my "Bert Eyebrows" done on Friday! They had to go! No photo yet because they get extremely red and irritated after I get them waxed, which is the main reason why I don't pluck them. I also got my haircut at the most hard to get into salon in my area! I KNOW! That's like winning the lottery! And bonus, my hairdresser was from my hometown! No matter where you go in Canada, you will always find a Maritimer!

BIG NEWS: Uncle Mayhem, Cpl. Mayhem's brother,  and his wife are coming up for a visit! While they are here we are getting family photos done, since our last family photo was when it was only Ducky. I know, it's sad. But it will be fun to do and Uncle Mayhem's wife and I are going to have to force some smiles out of the brothers!

I've been trying to get some reading done, but that's been hard. The only book I've been able to read are Ducky's reading books and this fun book called Dirty Little Secrets from Otherwise Perfect Moms by Trisha Ashworth and Amy Noble authors of  I Was A Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids

Looking forward to reading the other two books.

And that was my week! Lots of crying and nose wiping, some reading and a party. Phone calls from hubby and working out... with no results. :(

FAIR WARNING! I will be away for a couple of days to spend time with Cpl. Mayhem when he gets home. Well, maybe, we'll see!

Have a great week everyone and stop by tomorrow for a new Momversation Monday as well as my new Brand Ambassador for The View!

Later days!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm A Brand Ambassador for The View!!!

And I can't believe I was chosen!

I've been watching The View since I was pregnant with Ducky. I love the debates, the contraversies, the craziness and everything about the show! I was especially happy when Whoppi and Sherri became co-hosts! They are my favorite!

I have to thank  Mom Central for this great opportunity.

As an ambassador I get to tell you about all the great stuff that is happening over at The View!
Here's one of them right now:

One lucky winner will be randomly selected to receive a trip to New York City to watch a taping of The View! The sweepstakes is open until February 28th. Click here to enter!

Check out The View on Monday, they will be talking to Senator Evan Bayth of Indiana will talk exclusively to the hosts of “The View” in his first and only network television appearance since announcing he won’t run for re-election in 2010.  Then come back to A Military Wife Mayhem and discuss the hot topics of the day!

I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other The View branded items to facilitate my review.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Husband Rocked My World Even Thousand Miles Away!!

On the Valentine's Day Momversation post. I mentioned that the one thing that would make me happy was my husband helping me with the kids to give me a break from the day when he comes home. So when I was going through my comments there was a nice surprise waiting for me!

My man is the best!!

MOMVERSATION MONDAY (sort of): Life Experiences: Do They Count as Education?

Because it was President's Day in the US (happy President's Day by the way), there wasn't a new post on Momversation so today there is a new one and I'm doing it now.

This one I have to sigh about. Asha Dornfest of  Parent Hacks asks about taking your child out of school for life enrichment activities whether it be learning or "personal days".

The reason why I sigh is because I don't understand why other parent feel the need to make you feel like an irresponsible parent for taking your child out of school for whatever reason it would be. How does it affect your child's education for my child to be MIA for a day?

I'm definitely with Dana Loesch of Mamalogues on this one. We as a society have been conditioned to believe that there is only one way to educate a child and that would be in a classroom with a lesson plan and rigid ways.

I loved learning outside of the school and excelled in that more than studying from a book. My parents didn't pull me out of the school to do that, they were school trips. I'm sure if there were more of those my grades would have been better.

For myself, I wouldn't hesitate to take my children out of school for learning experiences or life experience. I do believe that school is important but it's not life. I have a great example of this. I wanted to take my children to see King Tut at the Art Gallery of Ontario, it's the last time this gallery was going to have the exhibition. Who wouldn't want to take the child out of school to witness for themselves history only steps away from them?

I do understand that taking my child out of school would be inconvenient for her teacher but this is how I see it. If my child was doing really well and did everything that he was being told to do and achieve a couple of days out of school wouldn't be a big issue.  With school becoming more and more competitive our children suffer with stress to be the best. Why not take them out of school to decompress and relax. Life doesn't have to be so strict! On the flip side of this I don't think I would take my child out of school if he was doing poorly, that would be a hindrance.

I'm a big beliver of taking every learning experience whether it be in school or out in life. No one should judge you for that.

What about you? How do you feel about taking your child out of school for life experiences?


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day, Whatever!

Since joining the military we have never been together for Valentine's Day.
So do I care for the holiday?
Not really...

Homecomings are better!!!
See you in 2 weeks!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


To my mother on her birthday!!

You have made me the mom I am today.
You have taught me patience.
You have taught me to listen.
You have taught me the skill of compromise.
You have taught me to laugh.
You taught me to be myself and not to compare myself to others.
You taught me to be honest with myself and others.
You taught me how to cook.
You taught me how to love.
You taught me to do what was right and to speak up when something was wrong.
You taught me to be strong, and to let myself cry.
You taught me that it's OK to be scared, and to not let my fears keep me from my dreams.
You taught me about life and let me walk on my own, always being two steps behind me if and when I asked for your guidance and I'm thankful you still do.



Wednesday, February 10, 2010


To my baby boy on his birthday.

You have grown so much over the past 5 years. I can't believe that two seconds ago I was holding you in my arms and now you are running around and speaking full sentences, learning and loving life!

Here are some of things I wish for you on your 5th birthday.

I wish for you to learn everything about life, love and happiness.

I wish for you to to learn to read, especially since you are so interested and focused in trying.

I wish that you continue to be considerate to your friends and be the great boy that you are and that others see.

I wish for you to get your numbers right, I know how much you get frustrated with "12, 13, 15...", I promise you will get it!

I wish that you keep loving your little sister the way that you have since the day you met her. Your relationship with Chicky makes me feel like I've done something right!

I wish you would listen more, I know, that's more for me but I promise your life would be ten times better if you did. You can let this one sit and marinade overnight for a bit.

I wish that you continue your love of creating new things and I hope that continue to have fun making your robots. Who knows when you grow up you'll create some amazing item that the world can't live without securing your parents retirement! LOL! A mom can dream!

I wish you have fun and enjoy your day!

I love you Ducky!

Monday, February 8, 2010

MOMVERSATION MONDAY: Valentine's Day: Is It Important to You?

I hope everyone is having a great Monday! I am! Because it's Momversation Monday!!

Dana Loesch of wants to know if Valentine's Day important to you.

Dana, I have to say I'm on the fence.

I didn't have many Valentine's Day that were memorable or even good to make me want to say "Yeah, this holiday ain't so bad".

Well that's not true I did have one. I met my husband a couple of weeks before Valentine's Day and I was going to Aruba the week before Valentine's Day for an internship. Cpl. Mayhem did an early Valentine's and came to my house with a rose and a Groovy Girls "Vanessa" doll. He handed it to my twin sister and Auntie Nikki turned to me and said "It's for you!" hehe!!

Laugh if you want, I worked at a toy store and I really wanted that one! So he did good! He also called me when I was in Aruba on February 14th!

I find it harder to enjoy Valentine's Day mainly because Cpl. Mayhem has missed EVERY Valentine's Day since he's joined the military and I don't know about you, flowers are nice but I would rather be able to kiss my husband on the day of love!

I've told hime time and time again that now I don't really care for that holiday because I treasure the time we have, which isn't a lie, but I would rather not leave my house to have others flash their PDA around me when my hubby is gone. It's kind of depressing!

However Heather Armstrong of said something that makes sense to me. She says in the very end of the clip that she doesn't need flowers, but if her husband could unload the dishwasher...
I agree with her! I don't need things. I never needed anything from my husband except for his love and support.  But you know if he gave the kids a bath and tucked them both into bed, giving me a evening free of the night time chaos, he would be my hero!

Once again he is not here to celebrate Valentine's Day...
And when that romantic day comes I can only think that my husband comes home two weeks after, that will be my Valentine's Day!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sibling Rivalry Over Everything!

Chicky is sick, again! Fever, croup the entire deal. I swore up and down that I wasn't going to the hospital while Cpl. Mayhem was away but I did.

Today everything was heightened. Moods, tears, aches, pains, fevers and stubborn attitudes.

Ducky was doing pretty well for the most of the morning until lunch time hit, then he decided Naughty Nelson needed to visit and attack an already irritable Chicky. He dug his claws into his sister and made her bleed. I was not impressed to say the least, but I felt guilty too, if only I had cut his nails yesterday like I said I was going to she wouldn't be bleeding right now. Never the less, I run upstairs to get a band-aid.

"I want a band-aid too!" Ducky hollers at me while I coming down the stairs.

"Excuse me? You don't need the band-aid, you caused the need for this band-aid on Chicky..."

"I'm sorry Chicky", he runs over to his litter sister and gives her a hug.

"Go away!" Chicky yells at her brother. Can you blame her?

Chicky's fever spikes again and I give her some medicine to ease her already exhausted little body.

"I want medicine too!!" Ducky hollers at me from the living room.

"You don't need any medicine Ducky, you are not sick".

"Yes I am", Ducky shouts at me and then clears his throat for two coughs to come out repeats his medicine request with a quieter, harsher voice.

"Nice try babe."

I know I spent a great deal of time and energy on Chicky today, but it only occurred to me that I did when Ducky came into my bedroom after his bath and Chicky was in her room.

"Mommy? Can I have cuddles like Chicky?"

"Of course you can Ducky!! I'm sorry I didn't pay much attention and was short with you today, it was hard with Chicky being so sick huh?"

"Yeah, Chicky going to be OK. You are a good mommy!"

"Thank you Ducky, that's always good to hear".


"Yes Ducky?"

"Can I have that band-aid now?"


Thursday, February 4, 2010

He Misses His Father

Ducky has been wild lately. He can go from sweet and mild to wild and unpredictable in a matter of a minute.


He misses his father.

Ducky swatted Chicky in the face and yelled at me to shut up.


He misses his father.

Ducky has misbehaved and made my days a living nightmare for the past two weeks.


He misses his father.

Tonight Ducky cried and told me he missed his daddy. He asked for the framed photo of his father in my room, he hugged it tight. He then asked for the framed photo of us on our wedding, he tucked that one in his room too.

He then comes into my room and asks for the sweatshirt his father is wearing in the first photo he picked up. He takes it and kisses me goodnight.

I looked into his room, he's asleep in the sweatshirt, with a smile on his face.

Still missing his father, but he now has Daddy's arms wrapped around him.


Monday, February 1, 2010

MOMVERSATION MONDAY: Meal Planning for a Year: Crazy Talk?

Momversation Monday is one I can really relate to! So here it is! Karen Walrond of chookooloonks ask how far in advance do you plan your meals?
FIRST please watch the video, or you will miss some great moments. Alice Bradley of finslippy and I are very much alike. A year? Who does that?  She's right though! I feel bad my house is a case for "Clean Sweep" (OK it's not that bad!), or that I'm not the world's greatest organizer, budgeter, house wife (I know what some people think!). So why add another "F" to my mommy report card?

I've managed to plan a week or two in advance, but a year? That's planning even I, the minister of planning, has never thought to accomplish.

But what if this lady Karen was talking about who is the topic of this Momversation had it right? I mean, she cut her yearly grocery bill in half, putting food on the table for a family of 6. She's not asking the most famous question that everyone has asked in their house" What's for dinner?". She buys in bulk to save money, stockpiles when items  go on sale, sounds good to my wallet!

Could I do it? I don't know....

Here's a challenge: I'm going to menu plan for the month of March post how much it cost me. Join me if you want and let me know what your results are!

What about you? Is menu planning for the year a great idea or is an unattainable goal?