Monday, January 3, 2011

Momversation Monday: Would You Breastfeed a Stranger's Child?

Happy New Year Everyone!! I'm happy to say that it is Monday and I'm back doing Momversation Mondays!!

There is a new panelist on Momversation today. Catherine Conners of Her Bad Mother. YEAY!
Daphne asks Catherine about a story she posted on the blog about her breastfeeding another woman's child during an event in New York. Her child was not there and neither was her breast pump and for women who breastfed know the painful feeling of being completely engorged without a way to ease the pain.

During that event Catherine met another blogger and they hit it off. Catherine complained about the painful feeling in her breasts and the mom offered to let Catherine nurse her baby who was getting fussy. At the end of the day both parties were happy. A baby was fed and relief was given to a woman who did not have her own child to ease the pain.

This is where it gets dirty in my eyes. Another blogger who had witnessed this exchange posted on her blog about it and the nasty comments from people saying that she might have had HIV or some other disease. Personally the comments are just sick.

Didn't we have wet nurses back in day? How is that strange now? 

Here's my story:

Once apon a time my twin sister and I were preemies being adopted by my parents in Brazil. We were small and we were allergic to formula. My parents signed up at the hospital to have a wet nurse come and breastfeed us.

That was in 1982. No way no how is this gross, unsanitary or wrong in anyway. If it weren't for her we probably wouldn't have survived the deck of cards of crap we were handed in our first couple of months of our lives. So to the woman I never met, I thank you!

To the question Momversation poses today. Would you breastfeed a stranger's child? I'm a huge believer in breastfeeding and the benefits of breast milk but my personal answer would be no. Mainly because I had a rough go with both my kids. If I was able to maybe if it was a friend but I think I would express before breastfeeding.

And for those who think that this would harm a child, there are breast milk donation clinics that screen the breast milk before they give it to an infant.

What's your opinion on this?

1 witnessing the mayhem:

The Full Nelson said...

I would manually express rather than nurse another person's child in regular circumstances. Now if I had an abundant supply and we were stuck somewhere where somebody couldn't give their baby formula then I probably would offer. It would have to be extreme circumstances though where it was crucial that someone else's baby needed food.