Wednesday, March 16, 2011


You may have to see this clip on YouTube...

This guy says EVERYTHING I wish I could say! If you are a military wife/ spouse or girlfriend you need to watch this to the end! Think about what he is saying.

I never understood why military spouses are so catty. But I have seen it and have been in the middle of several fights that have made no sense. And I will be completely honest, I have been in catty situations where are the end of the day I look back and thought, "why am I involved in this bull?"

Jovan makes a great point that soldiers of different divisions joke around about which one is better but we as wives wether it be rank or division take it WAY too seriously and use it as a tool to knock the other down. WHY?!

We as military wives/girlfriends should stand together because we are fighting the same fight. We are here supporting our significant others and we shouldn't have to defend what we write to the people who should understand us the most. The one thing I find great about this online community is that no one is annoyed that someone wrote a bunch a statuses about their spouses online.  We are happy when a soldier comes home and we are sad for those who are missing their soldier, in the real world, I can't really say that's true.

What do you think about what Jovan said? Was he right on the money?

5 witnessing the mayhem:

Maegan said...

I've never watched this video to the end...It's long, tedious, and I kind of get the feeling of assholery from the maybe I'm missing the best part? ...I dunno...seems like if he wanted to get his point across he'd cut the video by a few minutes.

The Full Nelson said...

I'm sure this is something I'll experience when we're on a base somewhere. But I definately agree that everyone should be nice and not nasty...not in high school anymore!

Reccewife said...

Thanks for this. It's a good reminder.

C said...

Having never lived on a military base for a deployment, I can't say I've ever had anyone tell me to stop posting stuff on facebook.

Then again, I blog instead of leaving messages on FB. So in my head, if you don't want to hear about how much I love and miss my hubby, don't freaking read my blog :)

But it's a great reminder. Mil spouses/fiances/girlfriends are a catty bunch that fight over NOTHING. I personally think that sometimes it's just to distract themselves from the misery that is a deployment. Or because misery loves company. Either way, it's stupid and I wish everyone would be more mature about it.

The end :)

Chelle said...

I think I'm one of the very few milspouses who absolutely can not stand that vid. He just makes me want to upper cut him to get him to stop talking. He's such an idiot!