Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tropical Traveller

Where have I been all this time?!

A couple of weeks ago I surprised my dad for his 60th birthday. We went to ARUBA!!!

And he was surprised!

Here are some the things we did.
The view from the hotel room!
Auntie Nikki enjoying some sun...
We went to Pelican Pier and have...
I still dream of this meal!
Happy campers!!
We went on a catamaran where....
I went snorkelling with dad...
The fish were amazing, they hid under the catamaran so the birds won't eat
them and are lured out by bread being thrown over the boat...
Where a bird gets lunch...
Natural selection at work...
Dad enjoying a couple of drinks after snorkelling
(don't worry the other one is mine!)
As we drank our mimosa...
We contemplated who would become someone's personal
kite as a for of entertainment...
We went to Cuba's Cooking for dinner...
(I'll be writing more about this place in a later post)
We went to a private island the hotel has and I..
hung out with a couple of flamingos who were bitching
each other out, so felt like being on base a little...
and a baby dinosaur was getting fed!
I know it's an iguana but it was HUGE!
Dad and his friend John who was also celebrating his birthday
 got the ultimate gift... 
A helicopter tour!!
(Mind you Aruba is a SMALL island so it lasted 30 minutes)
Happiest boys on the island!
While they were on the tour, we decorated the restaurant for a party!
He was so happy!
Best tie ever! 
the twins had some fun with the camera...
The week was amazing, I was so glad I was able to be there for dad's birthday!!
Happy Birthday Papai!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Momversation Monday: Is It Okay To Discipline Other People's Kids?

Hello Everyone!
Hope your weekend was amazing as mine!

Let's jump right into today's Momversation. Disciplining someone else's child.
I've had plenty of moms discuss this issue before and I have to say that it's a hard thing to do. I think it has to depend on the situation and the type of discipline.

If I had a friend's kid at my house on a play date I would have no problem disciplining their child. Let me first point out the type of discipline I'm talking about. Time outs, taking things away. I don't spank or grab kids. I will take their hand and motion them to the time out corner.

I feel that I need to discipline to keep consistency with my own kids. If they think other kids can get away with things they can't do, Ducky and Chicky try the behaviour just to see where it will lead them.

Now my friend is with me and nothing gets done, I still have no issue calling the kid out to get the parents attention.

My biggest issue is strangers and their kids. I don't think I would discipline the kid. However I have been known to separate kids at the park when the parents are not paying attention. In fact I did have mom come and yell at me about it. I didn't see what was wrong with that. Her kid was sitting on my son, I wasn't just going to let kid just beat on him until his mom looked up and noticed. Either pay attention to your kid or someone else will say something.

What do you think? Disciplining other people's kids, yeay or nay?

Friday, September 9, 2011



Photo Credit: Vanessa van de Nes


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Guess Where I Am?!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Counting: Difficult for Auntie Mayhem!!!

Auntie Mayhem and I were having a conversation and she was telling me all about her new job and one of the tasks that she was frustrated with.

It was a job that was not in the job description and she's not sure if she was interested in doing it.

Getting the lottery numbers every Friday for her work.

She explains that anyone that wanted to be a part of the work lottery would have to pay 2 bucks to play each week. And apparently it was her job to gather the money from everyone. I'm sorry "hound" for the money. And of course there are the some people who she had to get after more than others.

So Auntie Mayhem was explaining her brilliant suggestion of everyone paying a hundred dollars upfront in the beginning of the year,

"That way, I don't have to go looking for people! It's 2 bucks a week, 8 bucks a month... times 12 months is..... A lot of money"!

I start to laugh, puzzled by the response she asks me why I'm laughing.

" You were never good with times 8 multiplication so I was waiting to see if you would give me the right answer or bypass the math all together!"

"Shut up!"

"Hey Auntie Mayhem, what 8 times 7?!"

"SHUT UP! Do you know the answer?"

"Actually no! LOL"

No wonder my dad hated doing math with us!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Try New Recipe" Thursdays Holland Edition!

No recipe today because I was away but have I great one for next week! Enjoy the story!

So I've always been a person to try something new at least once. It's a rule in the house, you try it first before you say how you feel about it. 

Chicky has learned that she doesn't hate salad because of this rule and Ducky has learned that if he at least tries it he a high five for effort and if he eats it anyways he might get some dessert.

So when I was Holland for my grandmother's funeral I also had the opportunity to meet family for the first time from both my mother and father's sides.

A family reunion of sorts was set up in a matter of hours and the family got together with food, stories and lots of laughs. Some even at my expense!

I was told by many of my relatives to try this pate type of spread on a cracker. My father was grinning from ear to ear and I was curious by that so I said I would try it. Besides I stick by my rule and I was offered this pate several times now so I felt I was going to insult someone if I didn't try it.

To my surprise I liked it a lot and laughs and festivities continued for a while. Then my mother came outside and looked at the spread and asked, "How long has that been out?".

I replied "I don't know why?". To which my mother replied:

"It's a raw meat and egg spread that should not be out in the heat for too long".


But the best part of the story was my little sister who only eats chicken and fish and was firm on that, was eating it too and I don't know if she knew what the pate was made of. 

So that's my "Try New Recipes" Thursday. 

Tell me your story of something you ate and then realized later what it was. AND be honest! Did you like it before you knew what the mystery ingredients were?