Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tokii Review

Game Image
Tokii is a website designed for busy couples to help keep them connected. All it takes is 10 minutes a day!
Military couple have a very hard time keeping connected with deployments and going away for exercises.
This site helps couples with discovery games that help start conversations. Tokii also has a section of games specifically geared towards military couples.

Game ImageSome of the discovery games helped Cpl. Mayhem and I have some of the difficult conversations that don't usually come up in everyday talk. Some of my favorites are Understanding Emotional PainThe Military Bubble and The Military Child. These discovery games really helped both of us understand where we were coming from and how we were feeling.
It also has a Mood Meter that you can let your spouse know how you are feeling that day and a trading post section where you can plan dates and barter ideas for the event.

Every military couple should sign up (it's FREE), and give it a try! You will get hooked!

1 witnessing the mayhem:

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