Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guest Post!! Fill Your Time and Heart While Your Partner is Deployed

The time that a partner is deployed can be very stressful and lonesome. You might also feel that you are starting to take on a little depression. It's helpful if you can find things to do during this time apart to help get you through it and maybe even help it to seem as though it is moving a little faster. Try creating some projects that help you to express the way you feel about your partner or your marriage. Work on things that will make you feel closer to them.

One idea might be to make some changes in the bedroom, not the way you think though! Try changing the bedroom so that it is a room that is all about you and your spouse or partner. One project that you might try is to make an initialized headboard or wall hanging. All you need to do is purchase three picture frames; one large and two small. You can choose which every style and type you like. For the larger frame, cut out the initial of your last names, you can use a pretty wrapping paper or even some scrapbook paper, but choose something that goes well with your room decor. The smaller frames will be used to highlight the initials of your first names.

Another option is to take pictures that are just of you and your spouse and place them in a collage frame. This will help bridge the long distance between you and your partner, and make you feel that his spirit is all around you. You can also decorate the outside of the frame with ribbons, buttons or gems whichever you prefer. For something a little different, purchase the wooden letters that represent you and your spouse's initials and paint or decorate them to go with your decor. You can hang them separately close to each other or you can connect them with a satin ribbon. You might place some painted wooden hearts between each initial to represent your love for one another. If you receive lots of letters from your deployed partner, you can purchase a wooden box, paint and or decorate it and place the letters that you receive in the box. You can enjoy the letters anytime you like. You might even choose to purchase a box that is already decorated such as a hat box. You may already have an idea of a project you would like to do so just run with it, there's no right or wrong project, do whatever makes you feel close to your deployed loved one.

 Allison and I am a fun-loving, adventurous being. When my job doesn’t have me traveling I normally guest blog, ride my horse, or hang out with friends. I normally write about natural health, but I am passionate about writing posts regarding natural stress relief and DYI projects that can help ease the mind when a loved-one has been deployed.

Thanks Allison!!! Let me know what you think of Allison's ideas, what do you do to fill your time while your spouse is deployed?

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