Friday, March 2, 2012

Fitness Friday (In Support Of Military Minds) The Weigh-In

As most of you know now, I've started a weight loss challenge that was started by Dave Murphy of Thank A Soldier and Chris McArdle in support of Military Minds.

During March 1st and July 1st, two dollars will be donate for every pound lost to Military Minds!

And if you remember my profile that I made for the challenge...

Well after much consideration I decided that since there are people who are going donate money for all the hard work I'm going to be doing, I should have a start number.
Here it is...

I KNOW! How did it get so far? Pregnancies and depression didn't help much... Medications from past illnesses that doctors told me weight gain was a side effect, my family became top priority and I just let myself go, plus I'm a foodie... as comedian Gabriel Iglesias says "I drink a diet Coke so I can eat regular cake", that's me!  There are plenty of reasons and thousands of excuses but there it is. That's my number ...SIGH!
So my goal is to lose 35lbs or more. It's attainable and healthy. This number is the last time I will see this number! Look at it well, cause it will be gone next Friday!!!
Check out the Facebook Page!! Get involved!

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